Zoom instructions for webinar participation

– Online support and meeting facilitation will be provided by ASTRA (astrascrl@gmail.com), who will be Host of the meeting on Zoom in collaboration with ReCommon (mfrancescangeli@recommon.org)

Please feel free to reach out to the Host in case you experience any technical issues, or you need assistance during the meeting.

– Please access the meeting by clicking on the link in the invitation.   It will  be necessary to set up an account with Zoom to join the meeting, and it is possible to join trough your browser. However, we strongly recommend to download the Zoom App on your device for a better meeting experience.

– Participants are encouraged to join the meeting 5 minutes before the indicated starting time, for their connectivity to be checked prior to the start of the meeting.

– Once admitted to the meeting, participants are encouraged to change their name on zoom in a way that would show their full name and the one of the organization they represent.
To do so, hover your mouse over your name in the “Participants” list on the right side of the Zoom window and click on “Rename”.

– Questions can be asked in written form via Questions&Answers function. Due to time constraints, it is possible that we cannot address all questions and comments. If questions remain unaddressed you can always forward them to us via email and we will get back to you after the event.

– Please refrain from using the Q&A function for any purpose other than sending questions to speakers/moderators.

– Recording of the meeting by attendees is not permitted.

– Simultaneous interpretation (English-Italian) will be provided during the meeting.