Mission & Vision


We believe that people come before profit, but we are witnesses of social devastation, continuous violations of human rights and environmental disasters that are the result of a political and economic logic that is driving society in the opposite direction.

We are convinced that society can change radically; but only where social movements have the courage to question in a clear and unequivocal way the current concentration of economic and political power. For this reason we are committed to unveil the mechanisms that favor it.

We believe in a transition that is both socially and ecologically just, centered on the active participation of people and their collective action. For this reason we intend to contribute to this process. In order to do so, we denounce abuses, we track and unveil the work of public institutions and large corporations, we work to change power relations, thus opening spaces for a real transformation of society.



We strive to “activate change”: we strive to make space for people so that a real and radical transformation can take place.

We will have achieved our goal when we see the extractivist model overcome, a model which is based on the plundering of territories at the expense of the communities that live there, on the destruction of the environment and the climate, on the impoverishment of billions of people around the world for the benefit of a few in whose hands wealth and power are concentrated.

We will have taken a step forward every time social movements succeed in stemming the abuse of power by multinationals and states, undermining their credibility, unmasking their toxic and fraudulent propaganda, revealing the mechanisms of collusion with the political and institutional universe that, abdicating its mandate to operate in the interest of the country and its citizens, favors the enrichment of corporations.