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Uncover the dodgy economy, challenge the powerful, foster commoning for a transformation of society

Environmental disasters, human right abuses and social distruption often happen in contexts of systemic corruption, dodgy economic activities and financial grab. Re:Common campaigns to put an end to the extractivism of natural resources, common goods and financial wealth which disposses territories and billions of people all over the world.
Through investigations, targeted communication and public campaigns Re:Common holds governments, corporations and financial institutions to account for their violations and walks by communities struggling for structural change in society. Re:Common believes that only through “commoning” we can all together grant a right to life to everyone, fight for justice and practice a deep transformation of our societies.

We believe that people and planet come before profit. Our models of society are unsustainble both environmentally and socially. Climate and migrant crises remember us how we should profoundly transform our societies. This won’t happen overnight or just through individual initiative, and state and private sector actions won’t be enough to achieve long-lasting change.

We work for a just transition centred on citizens’ active engagement and collective action. And Re:Common’s contribution to it is: to expose power, by holding public institutions and corporations to account, unsettling existsing power relations and opening space for change; and to disperse power, by rethinking civil society action and new democratic institutions based on commoning.

Re: Common is an independent and not-for-profit “association of social promotion” under the Italian law that conducts investigations and promotes campaigns against the dodgy economy and the devastation of the territories in the North and in the South of the World caused by the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and major public and private infrastructure projects.

Re: Common works closely and in solidarity with local communities and indigenous peoples, denouncing the abuses and human rights violations perpetrated against them as well as environmental damages. Re:Common tries to be the change it wants to see and thus establish recicprocal relations on equal footing with local communities it walks by and whose struggles it supports. Re:Common adopts too an internal organisation based on commoning and mutual trust.

Re:Common has few formal members who contribute to its internal discussion and public events.
Re:Common’s work is funded by public and private donors, and to a small extent by its members and citizens’ donations.