Oil for nothing

Oil for Nothing starts from a simple question. From where does the gasoline we use every day come from? Largely from Nigeria, the Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest oil exporter. But one of the poorest countries in the continent. In the Niger Delta the devastating impacts of oil extraction are found everywhere. Over 50 years of oil exploitation and no benefit to local communities. A subsidiary of Eni, the Nigerian Agip Oil Corporation, started the production in 1970, and what is left after all these years? No schools, no hospitals, except a few kilometers of asphalt to get to their facilities. But not only that. Connected to the extraction process of crude oil, gas is burned 24 hours a day, flames spewing dioxins, benzene, sulphur, carcinogens, if the issue in recent decades goes hand in hand with the increase in the region of a large spectrum of respiratory diseases and cancers, not to mention the damage caused by acid rain. Nigeria, is seen today by the European Union as a strategic country for Europe’s energy security, but at what cost? Oil and gas are really the answer to our energy needs and the need for environmental sustainability of the future?

Oil for Nothing | ENG from Luca Tommasini on Vimeo.

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