Let’s Save Malagasy Farmers against new threats to their lands

Madagascar, 2013, Foto copyright ©Terra Project

The formulation by the current Malagasy authorities of policies and bills shows a trend dangerous for the peasants and local communities rights on their land.
The Platform SIF and the Collective TANY – call on for a massive mobilization of citizens around the world and urge you to sign a petition in order that the Malagasy authorities adopt laws which secure the farmers and local communities rights on their lands.

Please sign only once the petition available in three languages by using one of the three links below

http://terresmalgaches.info/spip.php?article104 (MG)
http://terresmalgaches.info/spip.php?article101 (FR)
http://terresmalgaches.info/spip.php?article102 (EN)

Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link starting with http://terresmalgaches….on which you have to click in order to confim your signature.

The Letters of Land Policy and laws quoted as well as few references “to know more” are available in http://terresmalgaches.info/spip.php?article103 (annexe)

The platform “Sehatra Iombonana ho an’ny Fananan-tany – SIF ” and the “Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches – TANY” sincerely thank you for your action to influence the land policy in favor of peasants rights.

4 oktobra 2015

Filohan’ny SIF – Sehatra Iombonana ho an’ny Fananan-tany
Antananarivo – Madagascar

Présidente du Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches – TANY
Paris – France

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