Land Grabbers – Italy’s involvement in the Great Land Grab

cover Land grabbers
cover Land grabbers

The word grabbing means clutching, seizing, snatching or even looting. The association between the notion of grabbing and the word land has now become common in the Italian language too and it evokes a deeply worrying scenario. But who exactly is grabbing what? And from whom?

Italy is one of Europe’s biggest investor in foreign land, second only to Britain. Which Italy are we talking about? Surely, it is a country of banks, insurance companies, big utility companies and clothing giants. However, there are also other smaller players involved, such as Italy’s small and medium enterprises, ready to diversify their production if there is a chance to get incentives or tax relief, and Italy’s ubiquitous small power plants (less than 1 MWh), seeking greater funding and convenient shortcuts to secure positive Environmental Impact Assessment outcomes.

This work aims at mapping out this side of Italy.

Land grabbers
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