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    Au Sénégal, l’accaparement des terres est sur le point d’imploser

    Un nouveau rapport, établi par des chercheurs italiens, montre que le projet controversé de Senhuile, au Sénégal, est au bord de l’effondrement. Le projet, initié par des investisseurs italiens et sénégalais il y a quatre ans pour produire des biocarburants, a provoqué une résistance farouche des communautés affectées par le projet qui s’est soldée par six décès. 

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  • no-tap
    Ten reasons to say NO to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

    With a ruling from the Italian Ministry of Environment on the environmental impact assessment of the TAP pipeline project expected soon, we explain here why we believe that the pipeline project is useless and harmful, for a variety of reasons.It is certainly not a project that Italian and European financial institutions should be financing. Read More

video – The great nature sale

November 2013. Protest action at the entrance of the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh. Website: Naturenotforsale.org

“Italian Malaffare, European money”

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Italian Malaffare, European Money cover

“Italian Malaffare, European money” Or how the European Union funds Italian infrastructures linked with corruption Italy is the country of bribes, everybody knows that. Even the European Union. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to contradict the mega projects mantra. In particular, there is an institution that never refrains from helping our companies in constructing mega […]

Why Public Country-by-Country Reporting for Large Multinationals is a Must

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Introduction Abusive tax planning by transnational enterprises is a global problem. A major part of global cross-border trade happens between related parties in a transnational enterprise and almost 1/3 of global corporate investment stocks passes through offshore investment hubs.[1] This type of trade is susceptible to abusive exploitation of gaps and loopholes in domestic and […]

European raw material policies are undermining human rights

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The campaign “Stop Mad Mining” – carried out by thirteen environmental and human rights NGOs from Europe and Central America – advocates against the inhuman and environmentally destructive extraction of raw materials in the Global South Berlin, 27th March 2015 – The Christian Initiative Romero (CIR) and PowerShift have launched a campaign which advocates that […]

Banking on forests – briefing

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Kellerwald forest. Photo credit: Willow, CC-BY-SA-2.5, Wikimedia Commons

Banking on forests The European Investment Bank’s belief in financial alchemy to fix the climate crisis: The case of the Althelia Climate Fund Written by Antonio Tricarico, Re:Common – based on the findings of Merian Research. Text closed on 19th August 2014 The European Investment Bank is at the forefront of carbon market development through […]